2012 Mobility Report

The Surprising Story of Travel Behavior in Bellingham, Washington

From 2004 to 2009, thousands of Bellingham residents completed household trip diary surveys, answering questions about the trips they made and their attitudes and preferences regarding transportation. The resulting database can be queried and cross-tabulated to answer a wide range of transportation and land use questions. The report linked below focuses on three main questions:

  1. What modes of transportation do Bellingham residents use?
  2. What factors influence their mode use?
  3. How has their mode use changed over time and why?

The report is intended to provide useful data for elected leaders, transportation professionals and interested citizens, who are working to create a more sustainable transportation system here in our community.

The report also tells the story of our success with Whatcom Smart Trips and Individualized Marketing. We think that similar programs can and should be replicated in cities across the United States, but few private, state or federal funders consider these kinds of programs for funding. In making this report available, we’re hoping that organizations and agencies that seek to: reduce greenhouse gases; use transportation budgets more wisely; encourage healthy physical activity; spur local economic development; or improve quality of life will add behavior change programs that use education and encouragement to their list of funded activities.

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The spread format is better for viewing on screen, with the charts next to the accompanying text on the facing pages. The single page format is easier to print.