Smart Trips Fall Prize Campaign for Employer Partners

It’s noticeable. More and more of us are walking, bicycling, sharing rides and riding the bus. And why not? It’s fun, it’s healthy, it saves you money, and it makes you feel good about your contribution to the community.

YOU probably make Smart Trips too, without even thinking about it. Walking to a coffee shop a few blocks away, driving with friends when you’re heading the same direction – those are Smart Trips. We all have those opportunities – and this is a great time to start looking for more of them. You could win one of many fabulous prizes in the Smart Trips Fall Prize Campaign for our employer partners.

Whatcom Smart Trips is teaming up with local employers to promote walking, bicycling, sharing rides and riding the bus. All you need to do is make two Smart Trips September 14 – 27 (for any purpose, not just work trips) and record them at WhatcomSmartTrips.org.

There’s just one catch – your employer has to be one of our partners. Smart Trips offers prizes and rewards all year long to individuals throughout Whatcom County. But the Smart Trips Fall Prize Campaign is something special, and only offered through employers who sign on to help us accomplish our mission. If your employer isn’t one of our partners, contact us at info@WhatcomSmartTrips.org or 756-TRIP (8747). We’ll do our best to bring them on board!

If you already work for an employer partner, you’re all set. Just look for ways to make two or more Smart Trips during the last two weeks of September. How about:

  • Walk to the café on your lunch break.
  • Ride bicycles with your son or daughter, instead of driving them to an activity.
  • Take the bus to work one day.
  • Share a ride to a concert.

Record your trips at WhatcomSmartTrips.org by October 6. Good luck in the prize drawing!

Prize List

Coming Soon!