Employer Materials & Services

Whatcom Smart Trips offers high quality materials and services to CTR worksites and Smart Trips employer partners. Our printed materials are informative, motivating and professionally designed. Our turnkey services are easy to use and very effective. Many of our employer partners have very successful programs, combining our support with their own incentives and recognition.

Smart Trips Materials

Employee Recognition Posters

Whatcom Smart Trips staff will create posters featuring photos and stories of real Smart Trip makers at your worksite. Acknowledge Smart Trip makers and inspire others to give it a try.

Employee Transportation Maps

These maps show employee home addresses as anonymous numbered dots on maps. Only your program coordinator knows the names of employees associated with each address. The maps help employer partners find carpool partners and suggest bus routes for their employees. They also allow employers to reach out to employees with good potential for walking and bicycling.

Preferential Parking Signs and Permits

Mark preferential parking spaces for carpoolers and vanpoolers with metal rideshare parking signs in your lot.

Bulletin Boards and Displays

One-stop access to brochures and information about Smart Trips, worksite programs, and rideshare matching.

Smart Trips Brochures (PDF 4,356K)

Smart Trips Brochure in Spanish (only available as a PDF 4,116K)
Smart Trips Brochure in Ukrainian (only available as a PDF 4,132K)

Explains the rewards available to Smart Trip makers, such as prize drawings and the Smart Trips Discount. Also serves as a paper entry form for people without Internet access.

Worksite Program Brochures

Individualized for your worksite. Tell your employees how to find commuting help and information at your worksite. Explain how to use benefits and services, such as Emergency Ride Home and the Smart Trips Discount.

Emergency Ride Home Brochures (PDF 2,063K)

Explains how and when to use the free emergency taxi service operated by WTA for Smart Trip makers and bus riders.

Smart Trips Map of Bellingham (PDF 15,244K)

Shows trails, bicycle routes, bus routes and bus stops as well as many businesses and destinations that can be accessed on foot, by bicycle and by bus.

Smart Trips Map of Whatcom County (PDF 8,483K)

Shows trails, bicycle routes, bus routes and bus stops in Whatcom County.

Walking Safely Brochures (PDF 1,728K)

Provides facts and safety tips for walking

Easy Steps to Good Health (PDF 6,000K)

Provides information about the health benefits of walking, bicycling and riding the bus and programs to help you start

Shopping on Foot and by Bike Brochures (PDF 458K)

Provides tips for transporting shopping items on foot and by bike

Confident City Cycling (PDF 3,146K)

Confident City Cycling in Spanish (only available as a PDF 4,059K)
Confident City Cycling in Ukrainian (only available as a PDF 4,539K)

Provides tips for sharing the road safely and confidently with motorists

Bicycle Traffic Laws Brochures (PDF 329K)

Explains rights and responsibilities for bicyclists in Washington State

Share the Road: Rules for Motorists (PDF 124K)

Provides tips for motorists sharing the road safely and courteously with bicyclists

Bicycle Commute Guide Booklet (PDF 36,560K)

Provides in-depth information on riding a bike for transportation. Covers clothing, choosing and outfitting a bike, carrying gear and more. Only available as a PDF.

Bicycle Express Brochures

Provides easy instruction on how to load your bike onto WTA's bike racks.

WTA Transit Guide

Maps and schedules for all routes in Whatcom County, plus route 80X to Mt. Vernon.

WTA System Map

A fold-out color map depicting all bus routes, county-wide.

WTA Day Passes

These day passes are good for unlimited bus rides all day, anywhere in Whatcom County. We can provide you with a limited number of day passes, to help you encourage employees to give the bus a try. Or if you’d like us to make a presentation, on how to ride the bus, we can provide day passes to all participants.

Paratransit Brochure

This brochure provides information on our paratransit service, which offers point-to-point transportation for seniors and people with disabilities.

Active Transportation for Children Brochures (PDF 455K)

Learn how children see traffic and how to prepare them for safe, fun, active transportation.

KidsBIKE (PDF 3,893K)

Tips and traffic rules to teach kids of all ages how to ride safely..


Smart Trips website and incentives

This prepackaged incentive program is the foundation for your worksite program. Let us motivate and reward your employees, track their Smart Trips, and enter them in prize drawings — at no charge to you.

We will also give you access to your employees’ Smart Trips data. Use Smart Trips reports to provide additional benefits to employees or to proudly communicate how your company is reducing pollution in our community.

Worksite Presentations to Employees

Whatcom Smart Trips staff are available to make on-site presentations to groups of interested employees about walking, bicycling, sharing rides and riding the bus.

Bike to Work & School Day

This is Whatcom County’s biggest bicycling event of the year with thousands of participants.  Whatcom Smart Trips provides employer partners with posters and banners to promote the event.

Matching Prize Money for Promotional Events

Whatcom Smart Trips will match the amount of money (up to a limit of $100 per event or $50 for mid-sized employers) that companies or organizations spend on incentives to encourage their employees to try walking, bicycling, sharing rides or riding the bus. Prizes may be for Smart Trips or in-house promotions.

First Time Rider Passes

Employees who have never ridden WTA buses, are eligible to receive a free monthly bus pass. Smart Trips program coordinators can request these on our website. For more information, contact us.

Community Recognition

Advertisements thanking participating employers and Smart Trip makers for their efforts.

Workshops for Smart Trips Program Coordinators

The Whatcom Smart Trips Office provides regular training opportunities for Smart Trips program coordinators, including local training meetings and WSRO (Washington State Ridesharing Organization) workshops. We pay for registration and vanpool/carpool transportation to these workshops. We also pay some lodging expenses.