Record your Smart Trips and you’ll be automatically entered to win great prizes and earn valuable rewards.


$250 Cash Prizes

Make at least five Smart Trips a month, and you’ll be entered in monthly drawings for $250 cash.

$1,000 Cash Prizes

Keep it up for three months, and you’ll be entered to win $1,000 cash! $1,000 cash prizes are given away four times a year! Who are the prize winners?

Smart Trips Discount

Over 100 local businesses offer discounts to Smart Trip makers. After you make ten Smart Trips, you’ll receive a Smart Trips Discount Card. Cards are good until the end of the calendar year. As soon as you log 10 trips starting in January, you will receive your card for that year. See the list of discounts for details.

Smart Trips Milestones

Each time you make 100 Smart Trips, you'll receive a gift certificate for goods at local businesses.

Smart Trips Leaders

Making 200 Smart Trips in a year shows you’re a real leader in our community. Smart Trips Leaders are recognized with special gifts.

Emergency Ride Home

Take a free taxi ride home if you make a Smart Trip to work and you have a family or personal emergency that requires quick transportation home.

Available weekdays between 8am and 8pm. Contact WTA at (360) 676-RIDE (7433) to schedule an Emergency Ride Home. Details

Other Reasons to Make Smart Trips

  • Save money on gasoline, auto maintenance, and insurance.
  • Get fit in no time at all. Travel time is already built into your day. Spend it walking or biking and skip the gym.
  • Enjoy a newer car. Save your car from the wear and tear of daily commuting. It extends automobile life and slows depreciation.
  • Get more done. Spend travel time more enjoyably or productively. Catch up on the news or read a good book.
  • Relax. Walking or bicycling puts you in a good mood.
  • Get connected with your community. Making Smart Trips puts you within conversational distance of everyone around you.
  • Teach your children healthy transportation habits without saying a word. Modeling is the best form of education.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Be part of the solution to one of the most serious challenges of our time.