Smart Trips Resources

If you're new to Smart Trips, begin by paying close attention to all the trips you make during the week. Notice the trips you already make on foot, by bicycle, ridesharing or on the bus. Give yourself some credit for the Smart Trips that you already make!

Being aware of the Smart Trips you're already making will help you see other opportunities for reducing your drive-alone trips. Once you know where you want to begin, the following programs and resources might be helpful to you.

Emergency Ride Home

  • Emergency Ride Home (PDF 2,063K)
    Provides a free taxi ride home if you make a Smart Trip to work and you have a family or personal emergency that requires quick transportation home. Available weekdays between 8am and 8pm. Contact WTA at (360) 676-RIDE (7433) to schedule an Emergency Ride Home.


  • Smart Trips Map of Bellingham (PDF 15,244K)
    Shows trails, bicycle routes, bus routes and bus stops as well as many businesses and destinations that can be accessed on foot, by bicycle and by bus.

Contact us or call 756-TRIP for paper copies.


  • Walking Safely (PDF 1,728K)
    Provides facts and safety tips for walking
  • Easy Steps to Good Health(PDF 6,000K)

    Provides information about the health benefits of walking, bicycling and riding the bus and programs to help you start


Many people have great memories of bicycling with friends when they were young. But a bicycle is also a convenient way for people of all ages to make short trips around town. The maps and brochures listed below, as well as our videos and bicycle education programs, will help you ride safely and confidently.

  • Bicycle Commute Guide (PDF 36,560K)
    Provides in-depth information on riding a bike for transportation. Covers clothing, choosing and outfitting a bike, carrying gear and more.
  • Bicycle Express
    Provides easy instructuctions on how to load your bike onto WTA's bike racks. This brochure is not available as a PDF. Contact us or call 756-TRIP for paper copies.

Sharing a Ride

Rideshare Online Logo
  • Visit Rideshare Online to find someone to ride with. Good for your daily commute or for regional events.

Riding the bus

  • Visit WTA for routes, schedules and other information. Call 360-756-TRIP (8747) for times that the bus goes by your home.

Resources for Children

  • Kids Bike (PDF 3893K)
    Tips and traffic rules to teach kids of all ages how to ride safely