Lynden Scavenger Hunt List - May 2021

For a PDF of the list, click HERE.

When you find a location, email us a picture of yourself with your bike at the spot or write a description of the route you took to bike there. We will enter you in a weekly prize drawing for a $50 Think Local First gift card. The more places you submit, the better chance you have to win! Note: no need to find every location. Pick and choose from the list of clues.

  1. The sign at the entrance of any City park (Suggestion: find the best route to your favorite park and one you haven’t ridden to before)
  2. Favorite Smart Trips Discount Merchant Business (Hint: search the ST website for a map and listing of these great businesses
  3. Bus stop closest to your home
  4. In front of your school
  5. Favorite spot to get a meal
  6. Ride to your local Bike Shop, be sure to get the sign of the shop in the photo
  7. Local cows help make the ice cream here
  8. Millions of smiles at this playground
  9. Story book house on this beautiful trail
  10. Make your best impression of a Pawn (or King, Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop)
  11. You can learn how to weave or throw pots, listen to live music or view art in this beautifully refurbished historical building
  12. This windmill greets you as you ride into town
  13. Whatcom County is one of the biggest producers of these in the nation
  14. Find a book on any topic here
  15. Get a history lesson here
  16. Moo-Wiches destination

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