Bellingham Scavenger Hunt List - May 2021

For a PDF of the list, click HERE.

When you find a location, email us a picture of yourself with your bike at the spot or write a description of the route you took to bike there. We will enter you in a weekly prize drawing for a $50 Think Local First gift card. The more places you submit, the better chance you have to win! Note: no need to find every location. Pick and choose from the list of clues.

  1. The sign at the entrance of any City park (Suggestion: find the best route to your favorite park and one you haven’t ridden to before)
  2. Any local Bike Shop, be sure to get the sign of the shop in the photo (Bonus: Pop into Kona Bike Shop and say hi for a special prize)
  3. Favorite Smart Trips Discount Merchant Business (Hint: search the ST website for a map and listing of these great businesses)
  4. Bus stop closest to your home
  5. In front of your school
  6. Closest pump track or skate park
  7. Favorite mural
  8. Favorite view from a bridge or dock
  9. Favorite place where the water meets the land
  10. Climb a steep, steep hill to a wooden tower to reach the highest spot in Bellingham and look down on the bay.
  11. These vessels brings back food from the ocean
  12. Take a ride on the zip line or practice your skateboarding here
  13. These metal baskets catch plastic discs
  14. The owls watch over this playground and splash park
  15. Stop and smell the roses
  16. This big pin marks the spot
  17. Where pictures play on the big screen
  18. This is a great place to buy local veggies on the weekend
  19. This giant glowing ball sits by the water
  20. This piece of art catches cups of air and spins every which way
  21. Take a swim or launch a boat here
  22. Find the little people on campus
  23. View the stars through this renowned sculpture
  24. Take a selfie sitting with Dirty Dan, Mark Twain, and J.J. Donovan, get an entry for each one
  25. This place used to house firetrucks but now you might just have a coffee or watch a play there
  26. Ride here to catch a boat to Alaska
  27. Where the herons live
  28. This public “farm” overlooks the water

Email photos to