Marine Park to Connelly Creek Ride

Marine Park to Connelly Creek Trail Ride

Distance: 6 miles, round trip

Estimated riding time: 36-50 minutes

This ride explores part of the Interurban Trail and Connelly Creek Trail. This is an out-and-back ride. You can turn around whenever you want to. The ride is a gradual climb with a few steeper sections along the way. Be sure to gear down or walk the steeper spots. There are many great spots to stop and explore along the way. The return trip is fun and will take much less time.

Before you leave:

Make sure your bike is in good working order using the ABC Quick Check.

  • Air — pump up your tires to the suggested air pressure indicated on sidewall of tire
  • Brakes —be sure your brakes are in good working order
  • Chain — lubricate your chain, if needed for a smoother ride

Step by step directions:

For a PDF file of step by step directions with photos click HERE.

  1. Start at Marine Park in Fairhaven. Isn’t the view from the beach beautiful?!
  2. Leave the park on the street and turn right on Harris Avenue. Be careful crossing the railroad tracks. The best way to roll over tracks is with your tire at a 90-degree angle to the metal track.
  3. Turn right on 4th Street and climb a slight hill to the trail.
  4. Turn left onto the marked trail. This pretty section of trail winds around and briefly exits next to 10th Street. Practice getting in your lowest gear for the short up-hill section up to the street.
  5. Turn left at the top of the trail on 10th Street and follow trail as it drops back down to the creek.
  6. Stay straight on the main trail along the creek. The trail turns into a short section of sidewalk near the Rotary parking lot and Padden Creek Apartments and then reconnects with the trail.
  7. Turn left onto a short connector trail when you see the back of the old large wooden sign for the Interurban Trail.
  8. Turn right on the sidewalk of Old Fairhaven Parkway. Ride 500 yards to the crosswalk and hit the button to cross the parkway.
  9. Go straight onto a short trail to Happy Valley Park.
  10. Turn right onto Donovan Avenue for one block.
  11. At the three-way stop turn left onto Connelly Creek Nature Trail.
  12. Keep left at the first juncture and right at the next. This keeps you on the main trail (marked by signposts).
  13. The trail pops out at Joe’s Garden. Turn around here and ride back for a 6-mile ride.
  14. Or continue up the trail. It’s a bit steeper and ends in ¼ mile at the sports fields at Sehome High School.
  15. Either way, retrace your route back to Marine Park.

Enjoy the downhill cruise back to the start. Always use both brakes evenly to avoid sliding on gravel. Be aware of others on the trail and don’t go too fast around tight turns. Maybe even stop in Fairhaven for a treat!

Marine Park to Connelly Creek Trail Ride Map