Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2014 Smart Trips Fall Prize Campaign!

Once again our partners amazed us with their generosity. 87 local businesses and organizations donated prizes with a total value of more than $7,300! In just two weeks, 1,499 of their employees walked, bicycled, shared rides and rode the bus 179,447 miles! That's a reduction of more than 150,000 pounds of carbon emissions.

Did we miss you and your company? Smart Trips offers free materials and services to our employer partners all year long. If your employer isn't one of our partners, contact us at or 756-TRIP (8747). We'll do our best to bring them on board!

And here are the winners!

  • YMCA Fun & Fitness for a Year
    Alena Judd, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
  • Blissfully Sweet and Funny
    Katie Davidson, Yoga Northwest
  • The Perfect Picnic
    Elizabeth MacDonald, Bellingham Technical College
  • Village Books Bestsellers
    Frank Haulgren, Western Washington University
  • Aslan Brews and a Movie Marathon
    Talitha Jones, Mindport Exhibits
  • A Wonderful, Water-full Day for Kids
    Sandra Harnden-Warwick, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
  • Now You're Cooking!
    Karen Izumoto, Western Washington University
  • Bread & Cheese for a Year
    Briana Benavente, Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors
  • Island Getaway
    Gennaro Carbone, Western Washington University
  • Wilderness Adventure
    Nancy Grayum, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
  • Kulshan Beer for a Year
    Rosanna Wadkins, Whatcom County
  • Mt Baker Ski (and eat!) Day for Two
    Paul Schronen, Western Washington University
  • Run, Flex and Relax
    Steve Davenport, Sanitary Service Company
  • Boundary Bay Brews for Biking Buddies
    Lara Palmatier, City of Bellingham
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Park
    KOJI YAMAUCHI, Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors
  • A Pickford Pair All Year
    Debbie Curry, Western Washington University
  • A Little Something for Your Bike
    John O'Neill , Whatcom Community College
  • Chrysalis Inn-dulgence
    Mgan McGuire, Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors
  • Big Screen Entertainment
    Harlan Myers, BP Cherry Point Refinery
  • The Perfect Pour
    James Tulip-Grinstead, City of Bellingham
  • The Best Kid's Day in Fairhaven Ever
    Mark Price, Western Washington University
  • A Super Fancy Electric Toothbrush
    Eliza Andrews, Western Washington University
  • Essential Food Groups: Coffee, Wine, Ice Cream & Chocolate
    Peter Diehl, Western Washington University
  • Arts & Crafts
    Victor Nolet, Western Washington University
  • May I Have this Dance?
    Erika Hammond, Mt Baker Planned Parenthood
  • Dinner and a Door
    Cheryl Lorimer, Whatcom Transportation Authority
  • Glamping (Luxury Camping) at Silver Lake
    Heather Higgins, City of Bellingham
  • The Pickford, Pizza and Planned Parenthood
    Chance Sosa, Community Food Co-op
  • Pasta and Improv
    Monika Kennedy, Mt Baker Planned Parenthood
  • A Funny Farce and Fantastic Food for Two
    Linda Wilczak, Fairhaven Village Inn
  • Fresh, Local Pasta and Produce
    Brian Anderson, Pro CNC
  • Read and Ride (1st of two prizes)
    Cheryl Cafe, Whatcom County
  • Talented and Delicious
    Karen Goens, Whatcom County
  • Viking Entertainment
    Paul Brower, Western Washington University
  • Inspiring Thoughts from Patagonia
    Matthew Bautista, City of Bellingham
  • A More Flexible You
    Keith Fredrikson, City of Bellingham
  • Lots of Lunches from Brandywine Kitchen
    David Inscho, DSHS - Bellingham
  • The Good Life in the Village
    Gordon Chalmers, Western Washington University
  • The Best Kind of Pie
    Mark Henderson, Dept of Ecology
  • Skate a Little Faster!
    Samantha Jensen, City of Bellingham
  • See and Be Seen
    Paul Duersch, Anvil Corporation
  • Shuksan Golf Day for Two
    Larry Maes, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
  • Read and Ride (2nd of two prizes)
    Lesley Stephens, Western Washington University
  • Wood Fired Pizza and Kick Ass Coffee!
    Rick Brown, Whatcom Transportation Authority