Elizabeth Park to Little Squalicum Park

Elizabeth Park to Little Squalicum Park

Distance: 4.5 miles

Estimated riding time: 30-40 minutes

This loop connects the Columbia and Birchwood neighborhoods via West Street. Bring a lock along and lock bikes together if you want to take a break and explore the beach at Little Squalicum Park. Start anywhere you like along this loop.

Before you leave:

Make sure your bike is in good working order using the ABC Quick Check.

  • Air — pump up your tires to the suggested air pressure indicated on sidewall of tire
  • Brakes —be sure your brakes are in good working order
  • Chain — lubricate your chain, if needed for a smoother ride

Step by step directions:

For a PDF file of step by step directions with photos click HERE.

  1. Exit Elizabeth Park at Park Street and Washington Street.
  2. Turn left onto Washington Street and continue all the way to the end of the street.
  3. Turn right onto West Street.
  4. In three blocks, at the pavement bike arrow move onto the trail on your right. Take that trail to the crosswalk.
  5. Push the signal button and cross Squalicum Parkway into Squalicum Creek Park.
  6. Turn left onto the sidewalk near the play area. Keep left.
  7. Follow the swoopy sidewalk around the park to the fenced dog area. Keep your eyes out for wildflowers on the banks along the trail.
  8. Turn left onto the sidewalk between the dog area and the basketball court.
  9. Turn left on the Greenways trail. The trail turns to the left again and slowly climbs out of Squalicum Creek Park. Enjoy the view from the top of the hill!
  10. Stay straight on the main trail. Another day, you can turn right and visit Birchwood Park.
  11. Continue on the trail as you slowly descend, passing under Marine Drive and the train tracks to the beach at Little Squalicum Park.
  12. Lock up your bikes and explore the beach!
  13. Leave the beach, continuing on the trail as it climbs back up the other side of Squalicum Creek.
  14. Stay on the less steep center trail under the bridge.
  15. Keep to the right. This trail will take you into the large parking lot for Bellingham Technical College.
  16. Ride carefully through the parking lot to the opposite corner. Nome Street is near, but blocked from view by buildings and parking lots. Look for the tall cell tower, the round outdoor seating area and a gap between two buildings.
  17. You found it! Turn right on Nome Street.
  18. Go straight at the stop sign onto Nequalicum Avenue.
  19. Turn left on Eldridge Avenue. At the narrow bridge you have two options: (A) ride in the middle of the lane across the bridge; or (B) walk your bike on the sidewalk across the bridge.
  20. In two blocks turn left on Lafayette Street.
  21. Turn right onto Monroe Street and continue straight for eight blocks.
  22. Turn right on Victor Street.
  23. Turn left on Washington Street and ride back into Elizabeth Park.
Elizabeth Park to Little Squalicum Park Map