Cordata Park Loop

Cordata Park

Distance: 4 miles

Estimated riding time: 24-35 minutes

This ride highlights trails in the Cordata neighborhood and newly finished, Cordata Park. This area is easily accessible by bicycle via Northwest Ave. and Aldrich Rd. Knowing a few key connecting trails in Cordata will help you avoid some of the busy arterials in the area. You might find it is easier to bike for errands on the north side of Bellingham than you thought.

Before you leave:

Make sure your bike is in good working order using the ABC Quick Check.

  • Air — pump up your tires to the suggested air pressure indicated on sidewall of tire
  • Brakes —be sure your brakes are in good working order
  • Chain — lubricate your chain, if needed for a smoother ride

Step by step directions:

For a PDF file of step by step directions with photos click HERE.

You can start anywhere along this loop but our directions will begin at the WTA Cordata bus station. Maybe you want to add to your adventure by putting your bike on the bus to get to the ride loop?

  1. Leave Cordata Station, using either crosswalks, turning left onto Cordata Parkway. (Always walk your bike within the station area.)
  2. Merge right taking the first exit at the roundabout onto Westerly Road. You can choose to ride the street or sidewalk, whatever is most comfortable for you.
  3. Stay straight on Westerly Road riding to the end of the road. At the stop sign you will continue straight using the crosswalk to access Mahogany Trail.
  4. Keep straight on the gravel trail to the paved portion of Mahogany Avenue.
  5. Turn right at the stop sign onto Aldrich Road into the bike lane.
  6. Turn Right onto June Road.
  7. Turn left onto the trail. To find the trail, keep your eye out for a curb cut and trail marker.
  8. Stay straight on the main trail to W Horton Road and check out the new section of road going through to Aldrich. Note: the trail does curve slightly to the right at the school, stay right.
  9. Cross W Horton and continue onto the trial which will take you into Julianna Park.
  10. Keep left at the Y in the trail and exit the trail at Meadowbrook Court.
  11. Follow Meadowbrook Court to the stop sign.
  12. Turn right onto Cordata Parkway and enjoy the buffered bike lanes.
  13. Keep your eye out for Cordata Park on your left. Use the crosswalk to access the North end of the park at the shiny circle sculpture.
  14. Explore the park! There is a paved pump track, parkour equipment, playground, and adult exercise equipment.
  15. Ride the trail around the perimeter of the park.
  16. Exit the park at the South end looking for the second circular sculpture and crosswalk.
  17. Turn left onto the bike lane on Cordata Parkway from the crosswalk.
  18. Continue on Cordata Parkway back to Cordata Station.

Tips for riding through busy roundabouts on a bike:

  • Behave just like a car.
  • As you approach the roundabout look back at traffic and signal you are merging into the lane.
  • Take the lane yielding to traffic already in the circle.
  • Ride through the circle to your exit.
  • Signal you are leaving the traffic circle.

If you aren't comfortable riding on the street, hop off your bike and use the crosswalks to get to your exit.

Cordata Park Loop Map