Barkley Village to Cornwall Park Loop

Barkley Village to Cornwall Park Loop

Distance: 4.75 miles

Estimated riding time: 30-45 minutes

This ride highlights sections of various trails including Squalicum Creek Trail. This newer trail travels under the freeway and is a safe and easy way to get to the West side of I-5. This route also includes low-traffic bike boulevard, E Illinois St. and a pedestrian footbridge over I-5.

Before you leave:

Make sure your bike is in good working order using the ABC Quick Check.

  • Air — pump up your tires to the suggested air pressure indicated on sidewall of tire
  • Brakes —be sure your brakes are in good working order
  • Chain — lubricate your chain, if needed for a smoother ride

Step by step directions:

For a PDF file of step by step directions with photos click HERE.

  1. Start at Barkley Regal Cinema.
  2. Ride out of the parking lot on Howe Place at the traffic light.
  3. Turn left on Barkley Boulevard. Trigger the traffic light by placing your bike directly over the sensor cut in the pavement.
  4. In 50 yards, turn right onto the marked trail. This trail turns left and goes behind Barkley Apartments.
  5. Stay straight on the trail at the next juncture. You will come out next to the Orleans Post Office.
  6. Turn right onto Orleans. You have two options: (A) walk your bike on the sidewalk and cross Sunset Drive in the crosswalk; or (B) move into the center lane and ride through the intersection with Sunset Drive.
  7. Move into the bike lane and follow the roadway down the hill to the left behind Safeway.
  8. Turn right into the Sunset Pond parking area. Take a few minutes to check out the pond.
  9. Ride out of the parking lot on the trail at the north end.
  10. Go over two bridges, turning left.
  11. Cross James Street at the trail crosswalk.
  12. Continue along the trail passing under the freeway until the trail ends at Orchard Place near Jeckyl and Hyde pub.
  13. Turn Left onto Orchard Place, ride to the stop sign at Birchwood Avenue.
  14. Cross Birchwood Avenue at the crosswalk and continue onto the trail that leads into Cornwall Park. There are many beautiful spots in the park. Which is your favorite?
  15. Turn a hard left at the picnic shelter by the splash park, and ride over the small bridge over the creek.
  16. Continue straight on the trail as it curves around the large open field on your right.
  17. Keep left on the trail along the parking lot.
  18. Turn left to exit the park just past the restrooms. Be sure to shift your gears down to climb the hill out of the park!
  19. Turn right onto Cornwall Avenue and ride to the intersection. Once again trigger the traffic light by centering your bike over the cuts in the pavement.
  20. Turn Left onto W Illinois Street.
  21. Go straight at the traffic light at Sunset Drive. There is a cutout spot just for bikes to enter Illinois Street. Enjoy a quiet neighborhood ride. Cars are allowed on this street but there is much less traffic with the reduced car access at either end of the boulevard.
  22. Keep straight on E Illinois Street all the way to Sunnyland Elementary. You will cross Ellis Street near the hospital and James Street at the school.
  23. Keep straight at the school and cross over the freeway on the pedestrian footbridge. It is so much nicer than riding your bike in all the traffic on Sunset Drive!
  24. Keep straight on E Illinois Street. Stop for cross traffic on Orleans.
  25. Turn left at the trail marker at Valencia Street just before you reach Woburn Street. Follow the trail around the pond to the movie theater.
  26. You are back – full loop!

One of the first steps to riding your bike for more of your trips is to explore different routes. You’ll soon realize how quickly and easily you can get around town using quiet neighborhood streets and trails. These routes are a much more pleasant place to ride than the busy arterials.

Barkley Village to Cornwall Park Loop Map